7UP reached out to us with the challenge of creating a campaign that talked to all Egyptians, that celebrated them. Seeing as how 7UP had remained relatively silent in its communication over the past few years, not having released a campaign in Egypt in almost 3 years. We had to come up with something huge.


An idea came up, what if 7UP was used as a canvas for art that represented and celebrated all Egyptians. That our differences are what make us similar. Seeing as how in Egyptian culture almost all visual and artistic styles came out organically, as what we refer to as unintentional art. Thus a campaign idea was born “El Me3alemeen” a smart play on words meaning both “Those who leave their marks” and “The bosses/or leaders”.


  After a silence that lasted 3 years from 7UP, they asked us to create something that revives interaction with the brand. Our idea was to focus on Egyptians’ ability to create unintentional art. With over 5M views, this was the perfect comeback for 7UP that reignited brand love for the audience.