Am Kamal

Amm Kamal is a movie and series Guru, Netflix contacted Amm Kamal to recommend shows and films to the Netflix audience.
This makes Amm Kamal think he’s a big shot in Netflix and acts as such, he speaks from a place of (false) authority.
While his recommendations are spot on his presentation is hilarious simplifying the premise and saying it in a way the Egyptian layperson would while also trying to boost his credibility by building fake props from the show to display or faking phone calls to Netflix higher ups.

Am Kamal

After our ad for Netflix X Fawry ft. Am Kamal went viral, we decided to give Am Kamal more space to reach Egyptians everywhere. And so Am Kamal’s kiosk became your friendly neighborhood kiosk you need for bonbons, Kleenex, and movie recommendations. The accessible persona we crafted for Am Kamal allows him to promote Netflix’s latest releases and create thematic connections between existing shows for a wide array of audience. Flavored with the familiarity of an everyday scene in Egypt, Am Kamal reached millions of viewers on Facebook and amassed their hearts.