Package El 3arees

In Egypt, people saw using condoms as a part of a debauched lifestyle, so even men aware of the benefits of the product were very apprehensive or even ashamed to buy the product.

So we needed to figure out a way to break the stigma of buying our product.

In Egypt it’s common to find special Groom oriented products and services. These are normalized labels that are far from taboo and are socially celebrated. 

This is how we came up with  “Package El 3arees” or “The Groom’s Package”

 A special package made specifically for newly weds 


We created the campaign El Saraha Raha, or “Two to Tango”, for Durex Egypt. As the first ever Durex campaign to include live actors, it encouraged conversation about sexual health in Egypt and the MENA, as well as focused on the product as it is presented to the audience in an accessible manner.