أكبر وأوفر وأكتر

Juhayna has 2 sizes available; the regular pack which is too small and the family which pack is too big . But El king hits a sweet spot, it’s made for single use and also gives you more options.

The new product being launched is going to make big moves on the market. El King means bigger and El King means better, and this what we’re going to focus on.




For Ramadan, Juhayna reached out to us to promote the release of a new size of Juhayna’s yogurt cups. Through a series of brief 15-seconders, we showcased the significance of hitting that sweet spot when small is too little and large is too much and how this size can be convenient for one or even to share. We focused on the client’s need to promote the new size, and addressed audiences’ concerns about the older size in a fun and relatable way.